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History and Background:

Founded in 2002, WeCanRow-Boston is the original chapter of the National WeCanRow program, which has affiliates across the country.The program was founded by Olympic gold medalist, Holly Metcalf, who heads the National WeCanRow program. We Can Row is specifically designed to allow cancer survivors to reorient themselves with their bodies, giving women a sense of control and putting them in contact with other cancer survivors. Rowing helps survivors to re-build physical strength and mental focus, renew self-image and develop the bond of teamwork with women who have had similar cancer experiences.

Currently, nationwide there are nine established WeCanRow programs, including:

WeCanRow Boston-Newton, MA (Boston University)
WeCanRow Spartan- Lansing, MI (MSU)
Tri State WeCanRow - Sharon, CT<
WeCanRow-Hudson Valley, NY
WeCanRow- St. Louis, MO
WeCanRow-Washington, DC
WeCanRow-Hartford, CT
WeCanRow-Madison, WI (Camp Randall Rowing Club)
WeCanRow-Buffalo, NY (BSRA)


Buffalo, NY Program

Goals of the Program:  To promote a healthier lifestyle by building physical strength, endurance, and to empower women who are in different phases of survivorship through participation in a sweep rowing. The program will give all cancer survivors a sense of body control, help them rebuild physical strength and spirit towards a renew self-image while developing a sense of camaraderie.

Mission Statement: To introduce all female cancer survivors to the sport of rowing to achieve optimal health and serve as rehabilitation and support program during all phases of cancer survivorship.  Raise awareness in the Upstate New York survivor and medical community regarding the physical and emotional benefits of rowing through education and community outreach while supporting further cancer research for a cure.

WeCanRow - Buffalo, NY chapter is a volunteer directed, not-for-profit educational and support organization.

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